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Kenny Chesney kicks off his The Big Revival Tour tonight in Nashville with the first of two shows at the Bridgestone Arena. Being his 47th birthday as well today, Chesney talks about a recent chart topper called "Til It's Gone" that he will surely sing tonight as he says it's just what he wants to say to his audience:

(Kenny Chesney) "If you think about me talkin’ to my fans in the audience, that’s everything I wanted to say. And the bridge of the song, you know, ‘one night, one chance, one ticket to the big dance, you and me just holdin’ on right down to the last song.’ And that defines the energy, the raw passion, that I feel like we have in our shows. And more importantly, the connection. So, that’s why I recorded ‘Til It’s Gone,’ ’cause it just reminded me so much of that connection. And it reminded me of what I wanted to say to my audience when I came back out on the road — and I’m proud of that."



Lee Brice has announced that he's headlining a tour this spring in partnership with REVERB, a non-profit organization that unites artists and colleges to affect environmental and social change. Lee's tour will travel to several college campuses across the country to raise awareness for the singer's Campus Consciousness initiative, which focuses on outdoor preservation and water conservation. Environmental conservation is a cause that's close to Brice's heart, and he's using this tour as a way to bring attention to the ecological issues our planet faces.  Lee says, "We're hoping to offset the environmental impact of the tour by supporting clean energy projects and using buses and trucks fueled with locally produced biodiesel. I have two sons and I look at this as investing in their future and that of kids around the world."

The tour will kick off at Campbell University at Buies Creek, North Carolina on April 8 and will continue through the beginning of May. The tour is set to make stops at ten college campuses, including a show at Brice's alma mater, Clemson University, on April 11. Special guests The Cadillac Three and Chase Bryant will also join Lee for most of the dates on the tour.

The dates for Brice's college campus tour are as follows:

April 8 - Buies Creek, NC - Campbell University
 April 9 - Erie, PA - Penn State University
 April 10 - High Point, NC - High Point University
 April 11 - Clemson, SC - Clemson University (with Natalie Stovall and The Drive, and Lewis Brice)
 April 15 - Saint Charles, MO - Lindenwood University
 April 22 - Conway, AR - University of Central Arkansas (with The Cadillac Three and Granger Smith)
 April 24 - Monroe, LA - University of Louisiana
 April 30 - North Andover, MA - Merrimack College
 May 1 - Slippery Rock, PA - Slippery Rock University
 May 2 - Durham, NH - University of New Hampshire


--A few more details have been revealed about Jason Aldean's wedding to Brittney Kerr over the weekend in Mexico. US Weekly is reporting that not only was Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson at the wedding, he actually officiated.


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Rosco delivers a show that is chocked full of information, news, weather, birthdays, the first joke of the day and a “Must Do’s” list of community activities, local interviews and the absolute best country music.  If it’s happening anywhere in the Miss-Lou, you’ll hear about it on 95 Country’s “Wake Up With the Giant" show with Rosco on the Radio.




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Q: What did the duck say when he bought lipstick?
A: "Put it on my bill."

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Two-Thirds of Us Would Rather Eat Something Delicious Than Have Sex
It's official . . . we ALL have an eating disorder. On the bright side, if everyone has one, they aren't really disorders anymore . . . the people who have a HEALTHY relationship towards food are the strange ones.
Here are the results of a new survey that show we've all gone CRAZY when it comes to food . . .
Two-thirds of us would rather eat something delicious than have sex.
Only 39% prefer cuddling to, quote, "pigging out" on food.
Four out of five use snacks as a way to reward ourselves for accomplishing something.
45% hide our favorite foods so other people won't eat them.
And 58% bring our favorite snacks with us when we travel, to make sure we have access to them no matter what.
(Daily Mail)


Your Kid Should Spend One Hour on Homework a Day . . . and Not a Minute More
Good news . . . a bunch of psychologists are giving your kid permission to be as lazy as YOU are every night.
Researchers at the University of Oviedo in Spain tested the optimal amount of HOMEWORK a kid should do every night . . . and it turns out it's not that much.
They found kids should work for about 60 minutes . . . maybe 70 minutes max. That way they do the best work and get the most out of what they're learning.
Once they go beyond that, it actually does more harm than good. At 90 to 100 minutes, they lose focus and don't retain what they're studying . . . and they actually do WORSE on tests.
(Science Daily)

GOOD NEWS:A Guy Lost 270 Pounds, and People Have Donated Over $50,000 to Have His Extra Skin Removed
22-year-old Matt Diaz lives in Brooklyn, and used to be a very LARGE dude. When he was 16, he weighed 500 pounds. Then he had lap-band surgery, started working out, and looks totally different now.

In the past six years, he's lost 270 POUNDS. So he's right around 200 pounds now . . . and a LOT of that is excess skin from when he was overweight. Which is the reason he's in the news right now . . .

Matt's been involved with the body-positivity movement for a while, and posts a lot about how you should love yourself no matter WHAT you look like. But he started feeling like a hypocrite recently, because he'd never shown people what HIS body looked like with all that extra skin.

So he posted his story on Tumblr, with photos of himself shirtless. And now more than 2,300 people have responded . . . by donating over 56 GRAND on to have the extra skin surgically removed.

Matt will be meeting with a cosmetic surgeon to get started soon, and plans to have all the extra skin gone by May . . . just in time for summer.

A Guy Got Busted in the Carpool Lane With a Cardboard Cutout of 'The Most Interesting Man in the World'
If you're going to put something in your passenger seat to get away with driving in the carpool lane, might as well go with something interesting. This guy definitely did . . . in the most literal way possible.
A Washington state trooper posted a photo on Twitter yesterday afternoon . . . he caught a guy driving in the carpool lane with a cardboard cutout in the passenger seat.
And the cutout was . . . The Most Interesting Man in the World, from those Dos Equis commercials.
It seems like they both got a laugh out of it . . . because of the Twitter post, and because it looks like the driver is LAUGHING in the photo . . . but he still got a $124 ticket.


A Guy Stalking Two Women Follows Them Right to the Police Station
Now THIS is one committed stalker right here.
A 24-year-old woman in Plantation, Florida was outside her house on Sunday when she saw a guy sitting across the street in a gray Saturn. It was 37-year-old Jason Joseph Seeburger, and she'd never met him before.
But he kept on watching her. And when her friend picked her up, he started TAILING them. They did a few turns to see if he'd stay behind them, and he did.
So they decided to drive to the safest place they could think of . . . a police station.
And apparently Jason was SO dedicated to his stalking that he followed them into the lot, and parked in a spot outside while they went in.
They told the cops what was going on, and pointed him out. They got him out of his car, and found his zipper and belt were undone. He also had some drugs on him.
So he was arrested for stalking AND drug possession.
(South Florida Sun-Sentinel)


24% of Us Can't Wait For Self-Driving Cars to Drive Us Around Drunk . . . Plus Four More Stats
Self-driving cars will change the world. Not just because they'll all but eliminate car accidents . . . not just because our time in the car will be more productive . . . but because now there'll be nothing stopping us from getting hammered all day long.
A new Harris poll asked people what they think about self-driving cars . . . which seem like they really WILL be a reality in our lifetimes. Here are the best five stats . . .
1. Only one in three people say they have no interest in a self-driving car.
2. 93% of people have at least some FEAR about them. The most popular one is the potential for computer glitches . . . number two is the price.
3. 53% say the best thing about them is there will be fewer accidents from drunk driving and distracted driving. 50% are looking forward to no speeding tickets . . . and 18% think they'll increase productivity.
4. 30% say they're going to make us even LAZIER.
5. And finally, 24% can't wait to have one to serve as their permanent designated driver.
(Harris Interactive)

Three Ways Guys Are Affected by Make-Up
A study last year found men tend to be more attracted to women when they wear less make-up than usual. But that doesn't mean they want no make-up at all.

Here are three ways men are affected by all that junk you plaster on your face every day . . .

1. Eye shadow makes them more likely to message you on dating sites. The site Zoosk found that women who have at least one photo with eye shadow get 139% more messages.

2. Guys stare at you longer if you're wearing lipstick. A study in England found the average guy stared at photos of women in red lipstick for 7.3 seconds. Pink lipstick was next at 6.7 seconds.

3. They respect you more. According to a study from 2011, you're seen as being more competent, likable, and trustworthy when you have make-up on, as long as it's not TOO MUCH make-up.

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Happy Birthday Meagen Hutchins!  Meagen won the cake today (3/26)

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