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Cole Swindell is in the top ten on the country charts this week with "Ain't Worth The Whiskey" and if it goes to the top of the chart it will be his third number one song in a row. Now, even though Cole is label mates with Brett Eldredge – who is close to scoring another number one himself with "Mean To Me" and plots another amazing feat like shark swimming and skydiving that he has done with his first two singles that topped the chart - Swindell isn't one to risk his life to celebrate another success like Eldredge does:

(Cole Swindell) "No jinxing that would be nice to have a third in a row I mean, the first two were just amazing and now just a top ten for the third one… Yeah, you know Brett (Eldredge) I don't know he's kinda putting pressure on me he's done like crazy cool things so it kinda makes me like I've gotta think of something but, I'm not ready to do that (skydiving) yet because I get hurt enough on my own I can't put my fate in something else like skydiving or anything I wanna really get to my second album and hopefully give radio some more singles."







Next Tuesday – Shania Twain - Shania: Still the One Live From Vegas


March 10 – Eli Young Band - Turn It On - EP


March 10 – Luke BryanSpring Break… Checkin' Out


March 31 – Darius RuckerSouthern Style


April 7 – Kristian BushSouthern Gravity


April 14 – RebaLove Somebody


April 21 – Montgomery GentryFolks Like Us



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"Wake Up With the Giant” with Rosco on the Radio. Rosco will get you up and going each weekday morning.  Rosco has been the voice and friend to generations of Miss-Lou listeners for over 25 years and counting!   

Rosco delivers a show that is chocked full of information, news, weather, birthdays, the first joke of the day and a “Must Do’s” list of community activities, local interviews and the absolute best country music.  If it’s happening anywhere in the Miss-Lou, you’ll hear about it on 95 Country’s “Wake Up With the Giant" show with Rosco on the Radio.




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A dog goes into a bar and orders a martini. The bartender says, “You don’t see a dog in here drinking a martini very often.”

The dog says, “At these prices, I’m not surprised.

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We Only Spend 41 Minutes a Day Eating
Considering the ungodly amount of calories we consume on a daily basis, we're REALLY efficient in getting them down.
A new survey found the average person only spends 41 minutes a day eating their meals.
Here's how that breaks down: Eight minutes for breakfast . . . 13 minutes and 45 seconds for lunch . . . and 19 minutes and 27 seconds for dinner.
People between 25 and 44 years old spend even LESS time eating . . . just 36 total minutes.
The survey also found 16% of us eat breakfast at our desks, 30% have lunch there, and 4% do dinner there.
(Daily Mail)

Here is  GOOD NEWS story....

A Guy Falls 600 Feet Down a Mountain, and Lands Next to a Rescue Crew

I'm not gonna say this guy is lucky.  But good luck and bad luck have a way of cancelling each other out sometimes.
A 28-year-old named David Spain was climbing a mountain in northern England on Sunday when a storm hit.  And he was near the top when he got knocked off balance by a huge gust of wind . . . and tumbled 600 FEET down a cliff.
Somehow he survived the fall.  But then he had to worry about dying of exposure, because it was freezing out.
He also happened to land directly in the path of a RESCUE TEAM . . . which was training how to save someone stuck on the side of a mountain.
David ended up with an injured leg, a dislocated shoulder, and some cuts and bruises.  But he's back home recovering

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Happy Birthday Gayle Hathcox, Gayle won the cake today (2/27)

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