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AMR to begin ramped up Adams County ambulance service May 1
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April 17, 2018 -

By John Mott Coffey

NATCHEZ, Miss. – Adams County officials and AMR haven’t finalized their ambulance contract, but they expressed confidence Monday the new, improved service will begin in two weeks.

While two other ambulance companies sought the contract, the county board decided in February that AMR is the best to ensure quicker response times and better medical care of people in distress.

County board attorney Scott Slover said Monday he and AMR continue to work out details of a contract. Among the snags is agreeing on what financial penalties AMR must pay if it doesn’t adhere to the contracted response times, Slover said.

AMR manager Tim Houghton said the ambulance company is fully gearing up to be Adams County’s sole 911 medical responder. “May 1 is when we’re going to roll out the resources (with or without a contract), and you’re going to see the difference,” he said. “We’re going to be accountable … and we’re going to make the response (times).”

American Medical Response has pledged that it’ll take at most 10 minutes to drive to anyone medically distressed inside Natchez and 20 minutes out in the county 85 percent of the time. It’ll have three fully-staffed ambulances in Natchez always ready for emergency runs.

In voting 3-2 to give AMR the exclusive franchise in February, the Board of Supervisors was reacting to complaints about local ambulances taking too long to respond. The new arrangement will replace the existing service of AMR rotating with Metro Ambulance Service in taking emergency calls.

Metro representatives appeared before the board Monday to question county supervisors’ decision to give AMR the exclusive deal to be the emergency medical responder in Adams County.

Supervisor David Carter noted there will be a six-month probation period to see how well AMR does. “If AMR can’t do it, I guarantee y’all will get a shot at it,” Carter told the Metro reps.

AMR originally proposed a contract period lasting through 2020.

There will be no county government subsidy for the ambulance service. AMR is offering Adams County residents subscriptions to help with out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance for ground ambulance service. For example, a household could pay about $50 a year to receive discounts.

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