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Natchez board working to hammer out new garbage-collection service
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February 8, 2018 -

By John Mott Coffey

NATCHEZ, Miss. – Potential changes to how city residents will have their garbage picked up include reducing it to once a week and having a specialized service for collecting yard debris.

The mayor and Board of Aldermen continue to hash out what they want garbage haulers to do as they seek to be Natchez’ exclusive contractor to collect its trash. They met Wednesday as they work to have a new garbage contract finalized this spring.

They’re also weighing various options for people wanting to separate their recyclables to be picked up.

Waste Pro continues making its Natchez garbage runs as it has for the past five years while city officials draw up requests for proposals from the Florida-based company and other waste collectors.

The city has been paying Waste Pro about $900,000 a year to pick up garbage from about 5,700 homes and businesses twice a week. To save money, aldermen and Mayor Darryl Grennell have discussed reducing that to once a week.

They’re also considering having a separate service for picking up limbs and other yard debris. Waste Pro has strict size limits on what it’ll pick up. Grennell said he and aldermen could seek cost proposals from private collectors and compare that to how much it would cost for the city Public Works Department to gather the yard rubbish.

The garbage collection charge currently on Natchez residents’ monthly bill is $13.74. This is for twice-a-week garbage and once-a-week recyclable pickups. This includes a $1 charge for the city’s mosquito-control efforts.

Waste Pro stopped picking up recyclable trash in November when the board let its contract expire without solidifying a new one.

Aldermen are considering reducing the recyclable pickup to twice a month. About 900 households weekly have set aside recyclable trash to be hauled away, according to Waste Pro statistics provided to the mayor and aldermen.

The Board of Aldermen last year voted to end the contract with Waste Pro, but city officials failed to solicit other bidders. This left Natchez facing the prospect of having no garbage collection service. However, Waste Pro and city officials in November negotiated an emergency short-term contract to last up to six months while the mayor and aldermen seek others wanting to compete with Waste Pro.

The board’s next meeting is Tuesday, when aldermen could further discuss the formulation of criteria to present to those wanting to offer a deal to collect the city’s trash. | © 2014 | All Rights Reserved
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