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Jury trial set in Vidalia deaths
from The Concordia Sentinel
February 2, 2017 -

(Concordia Sentinel) — Jury selection begins Monday, Feb. 13, for the trial of a Natchez man accused of murdering two people in Vidalia, including his estranged wife.

Curt Thornton, 35, was indicted by a parish grand jury in May 2016 for the April 6, 2016, slayings of Angela J. Thornton and John Kenna Tibbs, both 36 years of age. The two were believed murdered while Curt and Angela Thornton’s children were asleep.

Thornton is being held under an $800,000 bond.

Judge John Reeves will hear the case in Division B.

Vidalia Police Department Investigator Clint Robinson said during a preliminary hearing on April 8 that an 8-year-old called 911 the morning of April 6 and said her mom and another person were lying on the floor and covered with blood.

Robinson reported that Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy David Hedrick was the first officer in the house at 1649 Azalea Street and secured the scene before other personnel arrived.

Hedrick said when he arrived at the scene a little girl came outside.

“I said, ‘Baby what’s wrong?’

“She said, ‘Mama and her friend are hurt.” She said they were in the house and there ‘was blood everywhere.’

“Then she said her daddy was in the house.”

Hedrick said that although it was believed the suspect was inside he determined to go in right away because he thought it possible the victims were still alive.

However, he discovered both were dead and the suspect had already fled.

Hedrick said Tibbs was shot once with the 44-caliber Mare’s Leg and Angela Thornton was shot several times.

Amite County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Rodney Murray Jr. stopped Thornton at 3 p.m. April 6, 2016, 12 hours after the murders, for a traffic violation — riding his motorcycle without helmet.

When a routine background check was done on Thornton, Amite County authorities learned that a warrant had been issued for his arrest. They alerted Vidalia authorities.

Robinson said Thornton told the deputy who arrested in him in Amite County: “I shot the s—t out of my wife this morning.”

Thornton led the deputy to the location of the alleged murder weapon, which he had tossed 120 yards in the woods off Hwy. 124. He ditched his motorcycle helmet and a blue backpack with a change of clothes near McComb, approximately 15 miles from where he had tossed the gun.

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