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Natchez Water Works says beware of Phone Scam
from Michelle Peyroux
July 20, 2017 -

Tony Moon of Natchez Water Works advises residents to be aware of a Phone Scam report by numerous residents.

Moon says that scammers have been calling residents claiming to be Natchez Water Works and demanding payment or their water service will be turned off. Confused residents have noted that the phone number listed on their caller I.D. is that of Natchez Water Works, however they are not doing this and advised customers to beware before reading credit card information to scammers over the phone.

Moon says, "We will not call you about collecting your bill or telling you that your water will be turned off if a payment is not made in the next two hours."

Please call Natchez Water Works at 601.445.5521 with questions and to report any such calls.

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