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Ferriday meeting: ‘Pillow talk,’ insults and lawsuits
from The Concordia Sentinel
March 15, 2018 -

At the Ferriday Board of Aldermen regular meeting Tuesday night, the police chief – who previously filed a lawsuit against the town and the mayor -- said Ferriday is in trouble and officers are involved in “pillow talk.”

An alderman asked the mayor to step down and said she made him “sick.”

A local minister – observing the arguing and chaos -- said he was not proud of the character shown at the meeting.

In Ferriday Police Chief Arthur Lewis lawsuit, he claims Mayor Sherry McMahon interfered with his duties. He said Tuesday he has tried unsuccessfully to meet with McMahon. He also said two patrol officers and a dispatcher were hired without consulting him.

“Nothing goes through me,” Lewis said. “The police department is a dire situation right now. Citizens need to be protected and I’m ashamed. It makes me sick the way it's going right now. I drive around at night checking out patrols and see patrol officers at wives' houses. There's a lot of pillow talk going on. We have no law enforcement. I believe the mayor had the right intentions until the wrong people got in her ear with their personal agendas."

The board also set Saturday, March 24, for the annual Trash Bash.

Those wanting to help can meet at Rockabilly Plaza at 10 a.m. A dumpster is being donated and the Ferriday Garden Club is spearheading the event and area churches, schools and civic organizations will be involved.

The board also discussed cleaning up downed tree limbs, cleaning alleys, and working on the stray dog problem.

The board approved an alcohol license for Fred's.


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