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New Natchez garbage-collection fee 45 percent higher
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May 23, 2018 -

By John Mott Coffey

NATCHEZ, Miss. – The Board of Aldermen voted Tuesday to increase Natchez households’ garbage-collection fee to $19.90 a month – a 45 percent increase from the old rate.

This comes after the board earlier this month hired Arrow Disposal Services to replace Waste Pro as the city’s trash hauler. Natchez residents had been paying $13.74 a month for garbage collection and other related costs with Waste Pro on the job since 2012. Arrow takes over June 1 picking up garbage for nearly 6,000 Natchez households twice a week.

When the six aldermen approved the contact with Arrow two weeks ago, city officials said the new garbage collection charge would be $18.45 a month. However, the amount approved Tuesday is $19.90: $13.45 for collecting general household garbage, $4 for picking up recyclable trash, $1 for the city’s mosquito-control program and $1.45 for landfill disposal. The rate quoted earlier this month left out the garbage-disposal fee.

The $6.16 monthly increase totals almost $74 a year. The garbage-collection charge is tacked onto Natchez Water Works bills each city residence gets.

With this price hike, Natchez households will have the same twice-a-week curbside pickup of regular garbage and once a week for recyclable trash they were getting with Waste Pro. Arrow will provide two 65-gallon containers with wheels: one for conventional garbage and another for recyclables. The receptacles for garbage are the same size as Waste Pro’s. The new recyclable-trash cans are larger than the small bins Waste Pro provided.

Waste Pro will collect the old containers next week on the last day it normally picks up trash before Friday, the first day of June. Residents will not be allowed to keep the old garbage cans and bins. They belong to Waste Pro.

The pick-up schedule with Arrow will remain the same as before: Monday and Thursday for some Natchez households and Tuesday and Friday for others. Wednesday will be collection day for recyclables from residents who choose to separate their trash.

While Arrow will take over curbside pickup of household garbage, the city Public Works Department will be assuming the duties of hauling off residents’ yard rubbish, such as branches and shrubbery, and large items, such as refrigerators and furniture. Mayor Darryl Grennell said this will begin later this year on a special-request basis and not on designated days citywide.

Grennell and the board rated Alabama-based Arrow’s proposals and qualifications compared to Waste Pro and three other competitors in meetings closed to the public in the past month. The city officials have provided little public explanation why Arrow is considered the best of the five that bid to be the city’s waste hauler. However, Grennell has expressed dissatisfaction with Waste Pro’s service. | © 2014 | All Rights Reserved
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