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Locals sought as paid extras in a Tate Taylor film
from Michelle Peyroux
May 30, 2019 -

NATCHEZ, Miss. — Paid extras are in need for the new feature film, "Breaking News in Yuba County." Shooting is due to get underway on Wednesday, June 5th in Natchez and Jackson, Mississippi. 

Caballero Casting requests online submissions for background/extras in an open call. There is no fee to sign up and Mississippi residents are encouraged to apply online at or by emailing your photo and information to

“Breaking News in Yuba County” is a Tate Taylor Film, written Amanda Idoko and starring: Allison Janey, Mila Kunis, Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes, Juliette Lewis, and Awkwafina.

In Breaking News In Yuba County Allison Janney, finds her husband in bed with another woman, which causes him to die of a heart attack. After she buries his body, she takes advantage of the growing celebrity status that comes from having a husband that is missing. She finds herself in hot water while dodging cops and criminals and trying hide the the truth. Her half-sister, played by Mila Kunis is a local news anchor desperate for a story.

Laura Dern was originally slated to play the half-sister. This project is the third between Allison Janney and Tate Taylor, who worked together on Girl on the Train and The Help. This will be the first feature film for writer Amanda Idoko.

Tate Taylor owns an antebellum plantation house in Church Hill, just north of Natchez. Wyolah Plantation is a 100-acre property with a Greek Revival dwelling. 

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