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Adams County Sheriff's Office Investigators are searching for the property owner, Tommie Queen, over 50 dogs were found in the suspected dog-fighting operation.

UPDATE: Dog fighting property owner turns himself in
from Staff Reports - NEWS
November 8, 2017 -

UPDATE: 11/08/2017 1:52 PM — Suspect Tommie Queen has turned himself in to the Adams County Sheriff's Office.


 Natchez, Miss. — On November 6, 2017 deputies responded to a call at 29 ½ Miracle Rd. in the Cranfield area for a report of dog fighting. When deputies arrived, they observed a black pit bull dog chained to a vehicle in the front yard and barking coming from the area in back of the residence. Deputies observed 35 – 40 dogs chained up throughout the wooded area in the rear of the residence. There was no response when deputies knocked on the door of the residence. Several of the dogs had serious injuries.

Sheriff Patten said, “You probably have about two acres with nothing but pit bulls. We have dogs, some with their legs bitten off, one with its lower jaw missing. You have a bone yard out here in plain view. They didn’t have the decency to bury the dogs.” The sheer number of wounded animals was overwhelming for the Natchez-Adams Humane Society and deputies reached out to an organization in the Wiggins area to help assess and care for the animals several of which will have to be euthanized.

While checking the license plates of vehicles on the property, one license plate on a 2007 Ford F-250 came back stolen from Jefferson Davis County.

The investigation is continuing and deputies are looking for the property owner, Tommie Queen, for questioning. | © 2014 | All Rights Reserved
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