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Natchez Board approves interim garbage collection contract
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November 29, 2017 -

By John Mott Coffey


NATCHEZ, Miss. – The Board of Aldermen adopted a short-term contract Tuesday with Natchez’ curbside trash collector, but it will stop picking up recyclables while city officials seek alternative services from other waste companies.


Waste Pro will continue into next spring the twice-a-week pickup service that Natchez households each pay $13.74 a month for. In the meantime, Mayor Darryl Grennell and aldermen will let others compete for the job.


While Waste Pro makes its Natchez garbage runs as it has for the past five years, city officials will draw up requests for proposals from other waste collectors and give them a shot at offering better rates and services than Waste Pro.


Grennell has said he’s dissatisfied with Waste Pro’s operations. The Board of Aldermen in September voted to end the contract with the Florida-based company, but city officials failed to solicit other bidders. The old contract with Waste Pro was to expire Thursday at the end of this month. The new Waste Pro contract is to last up to six months while the mayor and aldermen seek competitors and hammer out a deal with the best waste collector.


The new short-term contract with Waste Pro retains the $13.74 rate for each household that’s been charged in the past. However -- to hold down expenses and keep that same rate --Waste Pro insisted it must discontinue picking up recyclable trash.


Residents can haul their recyclables to a bin at the Natchez Convention Center.


Waste Pro became Natchez’ trash collector in 2012. It replaced Waste Management, which had been hauling away the city’s trash for 30 years. Both companies, along with others, can submit bids for Natchez aldermen to consider as they decide which is the best and who should be awarded the new contract.


City officials have expressed interest in collaborating with the Adams County Board of Supervisors for a consolidated garbage contract that could restrain costs 


The city has been paying Waste Pro more than $900,000 a year to pick up garbage for city residents. Waste Pro began in 2013 collecting recyclable trash, the first time Natchez has ever had this curbside pickup service for its 6,000 households. Waste Pro also provided each household one receptacle with wheels for general trash and one bin for recyclables. | © 2014 | All Rights Reserved
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