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Concordia Parish School Board approves $47.8 million 2018 budget
from The Concordia Sentinel
September 21, 2017 -

The Concordia Parish School Board last week adopted a $47.8 million budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018.

While revenue for the year is expected to total $47,809,438, expenditures will reach an estimated $50,013,774, resulting in an anticipated deficit of $2,204,336.

“There’s nothing illegal or immoral about that,” Director of Business Affairs Tom O’Neal told board members during the Sept. 14 regular meeting.

He pointed out that the board would end the fiscal year with a fund balance of $27,312,071, compared to $29,516,407 beginning balance.

O’Neal also presented the board with a report on the new budget with an analysis on revenue, expenditures, supplements, capital projects and other matters.

In the report, O’Neal notes that the board has completed a $1 million three-year technology enhancement project and is providing an additional $500,000 for a two-year project to complete wiring work.

He said a new high school wing is under consideration for the Concordia Parish Academy of Math & Science. Construction is tentatively planned for the spring of 2018.

O’Neal noted that the budget “provides for some parking lot and roof repairs during the fiscal period. Once again, funds are being set aside as our plans are to provide a much needed software program upgrade for the accounting and school food service departments.”

Additionally, he said school allotments, the Teach for America Program, the Dual Enrollment Program, employee salary supplements and the school resource officers are funded for the new fiscal year.

On another matter, Superintendent Whest Shirley presented his plans for improving parish schools during the months ahead.

One major objective, he said, is to improve student performance scores and to enable students to meet their “personal, academic, and career goals.” Specifically, he said his objective is to improve District Performance Score by 2.5 points each year “by improving state test scores in core subjects and improving LEAP 2015, EOC and ACT scores.

Concerning personnel, he said one objective is to “recruit, hire, develop and retain staff members who are highly qualified, effective, and appropriately certified in areas in which they will teach; especially in the Ferriday schools where we have the highest ‘turn over’ rate.”

On the matter of community parent involvement, Shirley set as the objective: “Maintain accurate communication with the public by posting and producing effective marketing and public relations systems; making the public aware of district’s visions, goals, objectives, and performance.

In other business, the board:

Approved the payment of invoices for the month of August totaling $2,337,312.

Agreed that new hires would be paid in 13 checks rather than 12. While the pay will be the same, the move was designed to provide new teachers a paycheck during August, the first month of the new school year. Under the previous policy, a new teacher didn’t receive the first check until two months after school began. Board President Raymond Riley brought up the matter.


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