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Why do officials want to hire a Rec. Director when YMCA is already contracted?
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September 6, 2017 -

By John Mott Coffey

Adams County supervisors are questioning why Natchez aldermen plan to hire a recreation director when county and city officials have already contracted the YMCA to manage their consolidated recreation program.

The county officials on Tuesday were responding to the city board’s decision last week to hire a director to oversee the operations of the city-owned Duncan Park, its golf course and tennis courts.

County board President Mike Lazarus said the YMCA should manage all the community’s public parks and recreation programs, which he maintained is what’s called for in an agreement Adams County supervisors and Natchez aldermen made in 2015. The plan was for the Natchez-Adams County Recreation Commission to be the oversight body.

“The whole idea was to take politics out of it,” Lazarus said.

After the county and city boards agreed two years ago to consolidate funds to enhance the community’s sports offerings, the Recreation Commission contracted the Jackson-based Metropolitan YMCAs of Mississippi to run the programs. However, YMCA Natchez director Alice Agner said Tuesday she’s being allowed to just manage special YMCA-originated programs, the new ballfields at Liberty Park and the nearby pool to be built. She said city recreation employees and Duncan Park have been taken off the table for her purview.
Supporters of the Duncan Park golf course being managed by golf pro Greg Brooking say it should be separate from the YMCA’s oversight.

Natchez-Adams County Recreation Commission member John Ward Junkin told county supervisors last month that YMCA officials could pull out in November if city officials don’t let the private organization oversee all government recreation employees as specified by the management contract. | © 2014 | All Rights Reserved
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