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Annette Bening to play Gov. Blanco in Katrina: American Crime Story
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February 13, 2017 -

(LRN) — Former Governor Kathleen Blanco is honored to hear Oscar nominated actress Annette Bening has been cast to portray her in the upcoming FX television series, Katrina: American Crime Story. She says the show will explore the extreme poverty of New Orleans residents before and after the hurricane.

“That’s an uncomfortable reality for us but it exists. Sometimes we don’t fully integrate how it can effect an individual’s ability to respond to something big like that.”

Blanco expects there will be about 13 episodes during the season, which is scheduled to air in 2018. She says she would be happy to sit down and talk with Annette Bening to help her play up the character.

“I think I’ll have an opportunity to meet her at least during shooting. I would hope that it could at least come before so we could each get a feeling for each other.”

The script is based off a book by Doug Brinkley, The Great Deluge. Blanco says much of the filming will take place in New Orleans. She anticipates one of the storylines will be how the White House did not immediate bring the resources needed to help the thousands that were impacted.

“So I’m sure that it’s such an obvious part of the story that we didn’t have the full impact of the federal government.” | © 2014 | All Rights Reserved
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