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Bourbon Street puddles contain fecal bacteria
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June 6, 2017 -

Testing on a water sample from puddles on Bourbon Street finds more than just spilled Hurricanes and Hand Grenades. Milwaukee-based Microbe Detectives finds traces of fecal-related bacteria. Chief Technology Officer Dr. Trevor Ghylin says they looked for microbes and bacteria in the sample using DNA sequencing.

“We ended up finding a lot of fecal associated bacteria,” Ghylin said.

Ghylin says it’s likely the bacteria are coming from police horses’ manure. He says this was the most fecal bacteria he’s ever seen in a sample. Bourbon Street is cleaned nightly, but he wasn’t surprised to find such high concentrations of fecal bacteria.

Ghylin says with so many horses regularly doing their business on the street, it’s not surprising manure would be present in the samples. While no pathogens were found, he still advises people not to drink the so-called Bourbon Gumbo street water.

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