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Committee defers bills seeking to protect confederate monuments
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June 1, 2017 -

A Senate committee rejected two proposals aimed at protecting confederate monuments. New Orleans Senator Troy Carter noted there are no statues celebrating Adolph Hitler.

“If there was a statue that commemorated in any way the horrific things and atrocities that were done to our Jewish friends, would you be making the same argument to maintain such a commemoration,” Carter said.

One woman was so passionate she drove from Florida to make her case. Jenna Burnstein gave an emotional testimony, pleading with lawmakers to protect memorials to those who fought in the Civil War. She adds it’s not fair to compare Civil War generals to Hitler.

“When you want to use the Holocaust and my people and my ancestors and a genocide with Hitler and compare it to the War Between the States as your argument, no not on my watch,” Burnstein said.

Burnstein went back and forth with the committee chairwoman, New Orleans Senator Karen Peterson. Burnstein pointed out that people of other races were also enslaved and that some blacks even owned slaves. 

“I’m really upset right now. I don’t think you understand my passion for the free people of color that owned slaves, for all of our American history,” Burnstein said.

Peterson says men who fought to enslave people should not be revered in public space. She says they should not be celebrated as Americans because they were from the Confederate States of America. She reminded supporters of the measure that the Civil War ended centuries ago.

“The Union won. The South lost. Why people continue to wave the flag of the CSA is beyond me. That war is over,” Peterson said.

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