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Group Organizes Blood Drive for Scalise
from The AP
June 16, 2017 -

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A fraternity brother of U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise from Louisiana State University has organized a blood drive for the House majority whip through a Catholic charitable fraternity.

Scalise remains in critical condition after surgery to repair damage to his hip and internal organs from a shooting Wednesday during practice for a charity baseball game.

Adrian Bruneau (BROO'-noh) says he's known Scalise for about 25 years and everyone he knows is feeling frustrated and wants to help. He organized the drive through his local Knights of Columbus council.

An email says blood donors anywhere can tell their blood bank they're making a "replenishment for Representative Steve Scalise."

Knights of Columbus diocesan coordinator Mark Carver says he sent the email up the ladder in hopes of a national effort, but hasn't heard back.

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