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City delays decision on hiring ex-mayor accused of theft
from The AP
February 7, 2018 -

HORN LAKE, Miss. (AP) — A north Mississippi city is postponing a decision on hiring the disgraced former mayor of a neighboring city to spearhead commercial development.

Local media report that Horn Lake aldermen Tuesday postponed until March 19 the decision on hiring former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis as a city planner.

Davis resigned in 2013 as mayor of Southaven after he was accused of misusing city money, including a charge at a sex shop in Canada. Davis was ordered by the state auditor to repay more than $170,000 to Southaven. He was initially convicted of fraud and embezzlement, but later acquitted after an appeals court threw out the verdict.

Horn Lake Alderman Charlie Roberts is pushing Davis' hiring, saying he successfully promoted development in Southaven.

"Let's get it taken care of and let's move our city and continue to look at ways to expand and grow our city in a more positive way to benefit the community with his knowledge and skills," Roberts said after the delay was announced following a closed session of aldermen.

Last summer, Davis worked for a short time for the city of Horn Lake as a budget consultant. He was hired in a 5-2 voted by the board.

Horn Lake Mayor Allen Latimer could choose to veto any hiring. He wouldn't comment after Tuesday's meeting, but has said in the past he had "reservations" about hiring Davis. Five aldermen would have to vote to override any veto.

Some Horn Lake residents are opposing the move.

"You don't put an alcoholic in a bar," said Tina Stacy, who came to the meeting with her husband to display signs opposing the move. "You don't put a corrupt politician in politics or any form of government."

Others, though, say Horn Lake should give Davis a chance.

"Horn Lake is the only city that is not growing up," resident Becky Givens said. "I've lived here for 25 years and the biggest thing that has come to Horn Lake is Walmart and that's not under this administration."

Davis said in a text message that "the decision is up to the board."

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