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Another Mississippi city furls Confederate-themed state flag
from The AP
June 16, 2017 -

MCCOMB, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi city with a history of racial strife is the latest local government to stop flying the state flag, which features a Confederate emblem that critics see as racist.

Three black officials in McComb voted to remove the flag from city property. A white official voted to keep it.

The Enterprise-Journal reports the flag was not originally on the agenda for Tuesday's meeting of the six-member Board of Selectmen . It was added before two white members arrived.

Selectman Ted Tullos, who is white, said he opposes removing history. Selectman Ronnie Brock, who is black, said he supports removing "bad history."

The flag features the Confederate battle emblem: a red field topped by a blue X dotted by white stars.

McComb was notorious for violent resistance to the civil rights movement.

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