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12 hospitalized after falling ill at waterpark
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July 11, 2017 -

GULFPORT, Miss. — Gulf Island Waterpark goers began smelling a strong odor in one of the park's attractions on Monday. As many as 12 people were taken to the hospital in Gulfport.

Emergency personnel worked fast evaluating the affected guests.

"They said a chlorine pipe bust, but my eyes had been burning before they mentioned the pipe bust. I went to the first aid they told me all they could do is flush my eyes out with water," said Joshua Joseph.

"They had a lot of little kids in there coughing and choking. People got breathing masks on, oxygen tanks," said Joseph.

The problem all stemmed from a private contractor working on a valve at the back of the park.

An excessive amount of chlorine poured into a small section of the lazy river. Park guests were the first to realize the problem smelling a strong stench.

Park officials said the chlorine problem was fixed and the closed section of the lazy river was reopened.


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