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Dangerous Levels of Lead in Tensas School Drinking Water Corrected
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August 27, 2018 -

It appears the issues that caused dangerous levels of lead to contaminate the water supply for Tensas Parish schools have been corrected. After flushing out water lines, updating drinking fountains, and other steps were taken, the risk of danger associated with the water supply appears to be in the rearview mirror.

"We went back and retested and all the levels were acceptable at all the water fountains at the school, so we feel the lead problem has been addressed," says LDH Medical Director Dr. Jimmy Guidry.

Guidry says lead exposure to children can have adverse effects on development.

"It's much more dangerous to very younger children. Children under six are most at risk because their brain is developing and if the lead gets deposited in their brain, it slows down their development," adds Guidry.

Guidry says the state is taking precautions where it can to eliminate the exposure issues.

"There's just no reason to take that risk if we can eliminate it, but we still have a lot of old infrastructure, a lot of old pipes, a lot of old fixtures with lead."

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