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10 Things You Didn't Know About Rosco, Teri, Michelle, Andrew, Eddie and Will. The 95 Country DJ's are opening up with intimate details about themselves. We'll feature one DJ per week. Will broadcasts from his refrigerator box under the Mississippi River Bridge each night from 7-midnight.

10 Things you didn't know about Will at Night as written by the man himself:   

1. I recorded and released two Rap albums.

2. Both my parents worked in radio before I was born.

3. I want a pet pig, and don't eat pork as a result. 

4. I collect hockey pucks, and have more than 100.

5. My collecting habits also include church hymnals. (But I don't steal them!)

6. Even though it ended 20 years ago, my favorite TV show is still "In The Heat Of The Night." 

7. I haven't seen 99% of all movies you'd presume I've watched. 

8. I'm a giant Winnipeg Jets hockey fan, but have never been to a home game. 

9. Former president Gerald Ford & his wife, Betty, were once my neighbors. 

10. I've moved 13 times in 13 years. Packing and lifting never gets easier.




WQNZ-FM 95 Country. Great country music, local personalities, local, regional and national news, weather and features. Size does matter! We are the ONLY 100,000 watt station in the region and we reach 35 counties and parishes in Southwest Mississippi and East Central Louisiana. By designation of the FCC, 95 Country is the regions primary news, weather and emergency source. Award winning Public service programming and veteran announcers.

No matter when you listen, if you are a country music fan, you’ll love what you hear on 95 Country!


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This week's Workplace of the Week:

United Mississippi Bank, main office

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