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10 Things You Didn't Know About Rosco, Teri, Michelle, Andrew and Will. The 95 Country DJ's are opening up with intimate details about themselves. We'll feature one DJ per week during September. So, Rosco has been here the longest, let's start with him.

10 Things you didn't know about Rosco as written by the man himself:

      1.  I started working in radio when I was in the 10th grade!  I had a radio license before I had a driver's license!

      2.  I made it to "Life" in Boy Scouts

      3.  I must have been the teachers pet in the 12th grade at South Natchez High School because the 3 smartest students were in my English class. I entertained the class while our teacher, Miss Crouch, drove from the North campus to the South campus.  I never told her that I made up a few of the book reports!

      4.  On the night of high school graduation, I was on the radio from midnight till 6am LIVE at Dossett Olds GMC during a radiothon on WNAT-AM, 95-Country's sister station. 

      5.  On my 10th birthday, the family maid baked my cake at her house. My brothers & I went into the kitchen after my parents went to sleep to have some.  There were crunchy things in the icing, it turned out to be insects! (Teri Taylor is freaking out right about now)

      6.  I learned to water ski when I was 5 and became a pretty good on trick skis in my 20's, even skied backwards!

      7.  Although I have over 45 years of radio experience, I have never worked for another local station in the Miss-Lou.  I worked at 3 different radio stations in Jackson, MS from 1976-1990.

      8.  I was named DJ Of The Year in 1985 in Jackson, MS while working at WTYX, 94-TYX.

      9.  While in Jackson, I filled in on a WLBT-TV show called "Dawnbusters After Dark" while the host was on medical leave and later hosted my own TV show on WJTV-12 called "Catchin' A Wave" that was video tapped at at water park. "Catchin'" tied in the ratings with WRESTLING!!  WHOOOHOOOO!

      10.  I was invited to a Celebrity Pumpkin Carving Contest on Mississippi Magazine, a morning TV show on WJTV-12 in Jackson on Halloween morning in the late 80's.  I cut my hand with a sharp knife at the very beginning of the show.  I made it thru the show and won a pumpkin pie as FIRST PLACE!!! I decorated my pumpkin with natural colorful leaves and moss.  Toward the end of the show the switchboard light up with callers saying that the red leaves that I was using for the lips was actually Poison Sumac which is similar to poison ivy!  Thank goodness I wasn't allergic!!



WQNZ-FM 95 Country. Great country music, local personalities, local, regional and national news, weather and features. Size does matter! We are the ONLY 100,000 watt station in the region and we reach 35 counties and parishes in Southwest Mississippi and East Central Louisiana. By designation of the FCC, 95 Country is the regions primary news, weather and emergency source. Award winning Public service programming and veteran announcers.

No matter when you listen, if you are a country music fan, you’ll love what you hear on 95 Country!


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