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Welcome to the South's Country Giant!
About 95 Coutnry

WQNZ-FM 95 Country has been waking up the Miss-Lou for 30 years with great country music, local personalities, regional news, weather and features. Size does matter! We are the only 100,000 watt station in the region and we reach 35 counties and parishes in Southwest Mississippi and East Central Louisiana. By designation of the FCC, 95 Country is the regions primary news, weather and emergency source for the Miss-Lou. We have been a calming voice and a life line for our listeners during hurricanes, floods and man-made disasters too! We are fortunate to have a team of veteran broadcasters, who call the Miss-Lou home and are passionate about helping our local communities. We are proud to have been recognized locally, state wide and nationally for our community service.

Country music is as broad a music category as it has ever been. 95 Country delivers it all. From new music that is just making its’ way through the charts to the originators and legends of the country music format, you can find them all, somewhere, on 95 country.

No matter when you listen, if you are a country music fan, you’ll love what you hear on 95 Country!

Santa's Secret Square Contest Rules:

A complete copy of these rules can be obtained at the offices of the FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP at 2 O'Ferrall Street, Natchez, MS 39120 during normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM Central Standard Time. Or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the above address.

No purchase necessary. Contest is open to the general public with the exception of employees, agents, subsidiaries and affiliates of FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP and its related companies, participating sponsors, employees of competing media, their immediate families and household members. Must be 18 years or older to win.

Winners must wait thirty (30) days after winning any contest with the FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP before becoming eligible to win, unless otherwise stated by the FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP and/or its stations. Only one winner per household in a thirty (30) day period. In the event of any disputes the FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP's determination of the winner will be final. All prizes awarded "as is," are nontransferable and cannot be exchanged. Winner will be responsible for any taxes due.

The FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP and its representatives shall not be responsible for the failure of participating sponsors to deliver prizes as promised due to damage, theft or other incidentals. All entrants and winners agree that the FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP, its stations and affiliates shall have no liability and shall be held blameless for any injury, misfortune, or damage to either persons or property insured by entering, participating in, winning, or losing any contest by use-non-use of any prize received.
All prizes must be claimed in person at a location determined by the FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP during regular business hours and within ten (10) business days of winning, excluding holidays. After such time, ownership of said prize reverts back to the station to be disposed of at their discretion. The winner then loses all claims and rights to said prize.

Proper identification must be presented to claim prize(s). Winner may be asked to complete a Winner's Affidavit and Release. All entry blanks, forms, devices, materials, audio, video, and images, as well as all information contained on or within, gathered during the course of entry shall become sole property of the FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP to be used, disposed of or destroyed at their discretion. The FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP reserves the right to modify contest rules as deemed necessary at any time. The FIRST NATCHEZ RADIO GROUP reserves the right to change contest dates or end any contest at any time. Void where prohibited.

Santa’s Secret Square works like this. Get a game card from any sponsor location. The game card has a numbered grid. Each numbered square corresponds with a prize. Using this card you will enter which sponsor goes with which square. Each of the sponsor locations has a numbered secret square of their own. You can go into that location to get their secret square # and write the sponsor’s name in that square. Listen to 95 Country. When prompted to call, be caller 9 and you will play Santa’s Secret Square. You will pick one square number. The announcer will tell you which sponsor’s secret square that is. You will then try to name the other square that corresponds with that sponsor. If you name two numbered squares that match, you win the prize from that sponsor. There are also squares that contain cash. Matching two squares with the same amount of cash is a winner as well. By listening to 95 Country you will continue to hear which squares belong to which sponsors. The more you listen, the easier it will be for you to win. Sponsor locations are:

Rushing Boots
Raspberry Alley
Elliott & Company
National Furniture
Netterville Jewelry
Old South Trading Post
Mimm's Jewelers & Gifts
Sportsman's Fish & Grill
Sassy's Gourmet & Gifts
Johnnie Mae's Restaurant
McDonnough's Wine & Spirits
Town & Country Farm & Hardware
Natchez Mall 

Listen lots, have fun and Good Luck !




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